International Journal of Information Systems (IJIS) (PRINT)
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International Journal of Information Systems (IJIS)
A peer reviewed International Journal

Peer Review Process

A critical objective of International Journal of Information Systems (IJIS) mission statement is to provide highly relevant technical information. IJIS have implemented a rigorous peer review process to ensure the high quality of its technical material.

The researchers submitting their manuscripts for review and subsequent publication should oblige by peer-reviewing at least one paper from their domain. Once the author submits any manuscript, an acknowledgment shall be sent to the author along with a technical paper for peer-review. The concerned manuscript shall be simultaneously reviewed by our extensive internal review/ referee network. The terms and conditions that behold any general reviewer/referee shall also hereby levied upon the peer-reviewers. Protection of Intellectual Property is one of the primary agendas of any reviewer/referee.

Referees are formal reviewers whose comments and opinions will form the basis upon which the Editor will decide whether or not to publish the paper, and with what changes. International Journal of Computer Applications requires that referees treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information, not to be disclosed to others before publication. The referees are protected from personal interactions with the author by withholding their names. The Editor's decision is always based on all the reviews received, but mixed reviews present the need for the exercise of editorial judgment. Thus, the final decision for acceptance or rejection lies with the Editor. The review process shall ensure that all authors have equal opportunity for publication of their papers.